Biden’s First 100 Days: Reflections From IPS Experts

Biden’s First 100 Days: Reflections From IPS Experts

 from 8:00 pm to 9:30 pm
Virtual Event

On July 24, 1933, Roosevelt gave a radio address in which he coined the term “first 100 days” as an opportunity “to examine and assimilate in a mental picture the crowding events of the hundred days which had been devoted to the starting of the wheels of the New Deal.” Since then, the first 100 days of a presidential term has taken on symbolic significance, and the period is considered a benchmark to measure the early successes and/or failures of a president.

Join the Institute for Policy Studies to make such an examination of the Biden administration that succeeds 4 years of a Donald Trump presidency. Biden campaigned on promises to fight the coronavirus, improve the economy, respond to calls for racial justice and combat climate change. In this virtual public briefing, a panel of IPS experts will deconstruct what Biden has gotten right during his first 100 days, and what can/should be done to go further and bolder. You will have the opportunity to engage the panel on how the Biden administration is fairing on; the US in the Middle East, the Russia/China great power competition, climate and militarism, the social safety net, domestic poverty, and domestic policy in environmental justice, and more.


  • Khury Petersen-Smith, IPS Michael Ratner Middle East Fellow,
  • John Feffer, Project Director for Foreign Policy in Focus and Associate Fellow,
  • Ashik Siddique, Research Analyst for National Priorities Project
  • Karen Dolan, Project Director of Criminalization of Race and Poverty
  • Basav Sen, Project Director of Climate Policy
  • Phyllis Bennis, Program Director of New Internationalism
  • Rebekah Entralgo, Managing Editor of

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