Integrating SBCC into health service delivery: What levels, by whom, and how?

Integrating SBCC into health service delivery: What levels, by whom, and how?

 at 2:00 pm
1129 20th Street NW

There has been a push to integrate social and behavior change communications (SBCC) into service delivery to improve quality of the service provided by health care workers and increase the health-care seeking behaviors and demand by clients. Various frameworks and tools have been developed or adapted to facilitate this integration, including methods for monitoring, measuring, and evaluating. This panel will discuss the ways in which SBCC has been integrated at different levels within a health system, by whom, and how, including the processes used for developing an SBCC strategy and set of interventions that are integrated.

Objectives: At the end of this session participants should understand:

  1. The process for developing an evidence-based SBCC strategy that effectively integrates a set of SBCC interventions in all levels of service delivery.
  2. The process for developing a monitoring, evaluation, and learning plan that considers indicators that you would use to measure “success” in social and behavior change in service delivery.
  3. How to engage the community and local partners, who are behavior change agents, to ensure sustainable social and behavior change.

Speakers TBA

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