George Washington University School of Media and Public Affairs

George Washington University School of Media and Public Affairs

In today’s interconnected world, communications strategies and tactics are changing by the minute. The Executive and Professional Education program at George Washington University’s School of Media and Public Affairs (SMPA) can help you stay ahead of the curve, teaching you the best methods to inform, organize and persuade in the digital age. 

Learn the Formula for Influence
We teach you the strategies and tactics that work, and make sure you understand whythey work. Our courses are designed for working professionals - those who need to be able to take what they’ve learned one day and apply it on the job the next. As a leader in political and global communication, journalism and media studies, we can show you how and why messages move market share and entire nations while others merely fall by the wayside.

Our programs give you the mix of theory and practice you need to quickly absorb and apply the latest developments in communications. Executive and Professional Education programs feature:

  • Topics such as strategic communication, social media, digital storytelling, political communication and crisis communication
  • A faculty of renowned experts, journalists and communications professionals who combine cutting-edge scholarship with real-world experience in politics, the media and strategic communications
  • Short, focused programs perfect for busy professionals who need to quickly update their skills
  • Customized programs tailored to your organization and open enrollment courses for individual needs

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